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Last week I wrote a post about problems with TypeMock on our build server. It looked that I managed to fix the problem by disabling and re-enabling TypeMock from Visual Studio IDE. Apparently not - problem happens again and again.

Here is our environment:
MsBuild for command-line builds
VS IDE for interactive sessions
NCover for code coverage
TestDriver.NET 2.0
NMock 3.60

Using TypeMock from command line always works fine.
When I start VS IDE however, if I try to run a test using TestDriven.NET, the system just waits for minute or two and then prints in Output window that 0 tests run. If I disable TypeMock in VS, everything works fine as long as tests don't use TypeMock.

Here what TypeMock writes in log files:

Log 1:
Logging program: C:Program FilesTestDriven.NET 2.0ProcessInvocation.exe
Cannot read EnvName0 => The system cannot find the file specified.

Reset Location: C:PROGRA~1NCoverCoverLib.dll
Adding profiler: {6287B5F9-08A1-45E7-9498-B5B2E7B02995}
Loaded C:PROGRA~1NCoverCoverLib.dll
Adding typemock profiler
Loaded C:Program FilesTypeMockTypeMock.NETMockWeaver.dll
Target Runtime .NET 2.0
Initialize Profiler 0, Target Runtime .NET 2.0
Initialize Profiler 1, Target Runtime .NET 2.0


Logging program: C:Program FilesTestDriven.NET 2.0ProcessInvocation.exe
Known namespace: nunit
Known namespace: vstesthost.exe
Known namespace: MbUnit
Known namespace: TestDriven.TestRunner.dll

Any help is appreciated

asked by vagif (19.4k points)

2 Answers

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You have two solutions to your problem:
Get the latest beta of TestDriven which links you automatically with NCover.
The other option is:
1. Disable TypeMock
2. Link with NCover.
3. Make sure you kill TestDriven. (stop the rocket)
4. Run your tests.
answered by ohad (35.4k points)
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I see. I noticed that it has something to do with NCover link. I'll try with latest TestDriven version.

Thanks for the info.
answered by vagif (19.4k points)