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I tried to integrate Typemock into my private test tool.

I followed your guide and after a few errors (had to manually copy *.so file and some duplication error), I mange to compile it. but now I have a runtime error:

"what():  os_EnterCriticalSectionThe mutex has not been properly initialized"

Can you assist?

P.S: The Linux installation guide is not accurate. The output is in Debug  library and not Release. Also, I had to copy manually to LD_LIBRARY_PATH



asked by yanivbar (600 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Yaniv,

Can you please share with us what guide did you followed?

Also, can you elaborate on the steps you did in order to try to recreate it on our side?

P.S, Thank you for the comment on the Linux guide, we'll take care of it right away.

Best regards,

Daniel Markov,

Support specialist.
answered by Daniel Markov (5.8k points)