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Hi I am currently configuring a new build server and I am wanting to get Typemock running with the VS2019 Build Tools that are installed on the server. I am using the VSTest with Typemock task on a Azure Dev-Ops on premises server.

When the task is run it fails to locate the vstest console exe. From the task powershell I can see that you use a command line of
"vswhere.exe -Property installationVersion -legacy"
This will only find VS SKU version of Community, Professional or Enterprise.

When I look at the visual studio task code in github ( I can see that your task is based on the VsTestV1 code which doesn't support the build tools SKU.

1) Does the typmock build server version support working with a build tools SKU
2) Are there any plans to update the task to be similar to the VsTestV2 task which does support the build tools SKU.
3) Is there anything other than installing a full VS version that I can do in the meantime. Thanks Colin
asked by colla_x (600 points)

1 Answer

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1. Currently we don't support the Build Tool SKU as you said the support is in VsTestV2.

2.We do plan to update the task to the VsTestV2 script in the near future.

3. Yes, you can us our SmartRunner Task.

FYI, is there a specific reason you are not using our SmartRunner task?

Please keep me posted.


Alon Sapozhnikov.

answered by Alon_TypeMock (8.9k points)