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I've download the Typemock trial specifically to evaluate the Ivonna functionality.
Unfortunately it doesn't work Ivonna.
The Ivonna download that I downloaded from your site at is "BUILT" with a version of Typemock that is not supplied.
The supplied version is TypeMock.dll in the Ivonna package,
however this does not work  with Ivonna.dll BUILD version

Looking forward to your reply as the trial period is very short 
and I'd like to evaluate it before it Expires.

I've also sent a support ticket if that is the preferred method for this.


K. Carter  Sr.

asked by KCarterSr (600 points)

1 Answer

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Hey Cater,

You can download a compatable version from the site
answered by eli (5.7k points)
OK, but I belive there are more problems. It looks like the included CThru.dll version is

asking for / BUILT with TypeMock version and NOT



K Carter Sr.
I forgot to say that this was even after I downloaded the new version.
UPDATE: I think it may be okay after all. I'm testing using the SampleWeb project that is included with the download and it may be that project's problem. I'll check it out and let you know.

K. Carter Sr.