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I have been using Smart-Runner with openCover since 7.4 introduced it but i have found an issue that is would like to see solved.
It seams not to be possible to run tests that have parameters with smart-runner, hence it is not possible to use the [TestCase(...)] attribure from nUnit.

Is this anything that will be solved in the near future?
asked by AndreasX (640 points)

2 Answers

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You're right. Currently, smart runner doesn't support NUnit's [TestCase(...)] attribute.
This feature is in our backlog, and we'll prioritize it along with other requests (you're not the first to request it ;)

Would you like to try it once we have a prototype working?
answered by alex (17k points)
Did this ever get resolved?   We are seeing this problem right now.


Which version of Isolator are you using?

Alon Sapozhnikov.
Support Specialist.

0 votes
Great, i can gladely try the beta once it is ready!
Thanks alot. :)

answered by AndreasX (640 points)