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We're struggling to include Isolator 2010 in our builds on a TFS2010 build server.

From what we can gather, it requires the use of a custom workflow activity (so far so good) that in turn requires Isolator 2010 to be installed on the build server (not so good).

We are looking for a way to avoid having to install a specific version of Isolator on the build server, to avoid running into version compatability issues down the road.

We know it's possible in the old style build definitions (.proj) using <TypeMockRegister>. The big question is: How can this be achieved in a workflow based build in TFS2010?
asked by kjac (680 points)

5 Answers

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Please look at our Add-ons page for the Isolator TeamBuild 2010 Activity, created by Richard Fennell. It should enable you to run Isolator in TFS2010.

Please also see Richard's article about it: ... build.aspx
answered by igal (5.7k points)
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Thank you for your reply.

We already checked out the Isolator TeamBuild 2010 workflow activity from your add-ons library. However, this activity also requires the Isolator to be installed on the build server.

We're trying to find a way to make Isolator 2010 able to run without having to install it - simply by supplying the license key.

Apparently it can be done in the old style build definitions for TFS2008 (see previous post), but we have not found a similar solution for TFS2010 workflow based builds.
answered by kjac (680 points)
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We are also facing the same problem. We have multiple build agents, for different builds, all of which could potentially be using different versions of Isolator. Installing Isloator 2010 isn't an option.
answered by bsparkinson (180 points)
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Does anyone have any ideas on this problem? It's kinda holding a lot of good stuff back on our build server...
answered by kjac (680 points)
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You can use both the workflow activity and the auto deploy feature.
All you need is simply use msbuild to do the auto deploy before you run the typemock activity.
You can see an example for usage of the auto deploy in msbuild

Please let me know if it helps.
answered by ohad (35.4k points)