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I am wondering if TypeMock can work with Clover.Net code coverage tool. I do not see the option of linking TypeMock with Clover.Net.
asked by jnapier (9.6k points)

12 Answers

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Im not sure how it is supposed to be implemented. I do not see an option in the configuration to link Clover.Net to TypeMock. I read the documentation and it appears that I don't need to link Clover.Net to TypeMock. Regardless, tests that pass before code instrumentation now fail after the code is instrumented. This is still the same result I was getting before Clover.Net was supposedly supported.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance to get this matter resolved in a timely manner. We have been patiently waiting to be able to use our code coverage tool for months now. Before I purchased Clover.Net, I asked if it was supported, and you replied that it was. I failed to do proper testing on my end and just took your word for it. Now Ive got an expensive product that is just sitting there. I guess I've learned a valuable lesson though.
answered by jnapier (9.6k points)
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:idea: Please send an example code to the this forum or to the support mail so that we can solve this quickly.

:idea: Can you run the example nant build script included with TypeMock. Try the test.csharp.clover task?
answered by scott (32k points)